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Social Justice means many things to many people. For some, the term is packed with socio-political meaning and has become a phrase to avoid. At Gresham United Methodist Church, the term is rooted in a long history steaming from scripture and lived out from our Methodist heritage. 
Striving to be an Anti-Racist Church
Juneteen Celebration
Mario DeLeon's Bad Ass Jesus
Racism permeates society and is contrary to gospel of Jesus. Racism divides and wounds. The gospel, at its best, unites and heals. 
Social Justice is rooted in a theological foundation that we discover in the teachings of Jesus. Caring for others, addressing the needs of the poor, hungry, and outcast are central to the Old and New Testaments. We see, in Jesus, a focus on those who struggled in society, those who needed love and support. We too are called to live out grace, to share hope, and to express love.

Feeding the Hungry


Working with our partners and community.

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