The Bird Still Sings

“For he is our peace; in his flesh he has made both groups into one

and has broken down the dividing wall, that is, the hostility that is between us.” (Eph 2:14)


Earlier this week, as the sun set, the winds picked up and a great squall moved through our midst. Torrential rains flowed, the earth became saturated and trees began to give way. In a matter of hours, something that had seemed like a moderate storm, rather typical for the wintertime became something much more rambunctious, and fear swept through the land.

The political atmosphere is a bit like that these days. On the day of Epiphany, (the day we celebrate the revelation of the Christ Light to the peoples of many nations) the political storms around us crested into a wildness of rage-filled destruction. A sudden surge of an angry mob flooded the Capital grounds and caused a great shattering of any ounce of peace that seemed to have come in the previous months. It was very similar to the stormy weather we experienced the other day.

The prophetic voice in our Scripture text for this week (Jer 29:10-14) was heard in times that were similar. A great chaos had swept over the people of Israel, to the point of removing them from their homelands. Political tumult and nationalism rose up from many voices, and those became radical and destructive, even oppressive to many others in the area. But Jeremiah is calling, empowered by the Spirit, to bring his people back to a place of Spiritual renewal, balance and inner peace.

The storms are not yet over, Jeremiah says, there is more still to come. And yet, here, in the midst of this wild destruction and chaos, there is a Voice that we can listen to. Here, while the wild winds of the angry mob still swirl around, and threats of continued storm surges on state and national capitals still brings warning sirens from our newscasters, there is yet a Voice that sings over us, even here today.

A time is coming… a time is coming when the storms will subside and peace will return, and you all will return to the House of God. We will be together again, and we will all be changed by the events of this past year. As we look ahead, we know that a shift is coming. We trust that safety will come. We trust that the Spirit of God will call us together again. And, in the time until then, we watch and wait.

In the morning after ~

We notice the sunshine. We notice the calm in the weather patterns. We hear the voice of the birdsong. All of this came forth only a few hours after the wild storm had passed over us this week. Jeremiah reminds us that the bird will sing again, in the House of the Lord. We will come together once more, and everything will be changed.

May we trust in the Song of the Spirit. May we listen for the Voice of Wisdom. May we feel the Essence of Christ’s Light infusing our cells and fibers and sinews as we watch and wait for the Day of Returning once more.

Blessings upon you, my friends.

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