Stretch Your Body, Support Your Spirit in the New Year

As we begin the New Year and move deeper into the season of Winter, it is important to Stretch our Bodies and Support our Spirits. Please join me in the practice of Shibashi via Facebook Live for a way to care for your body and spirit in the wintertime. This form of Body Prayer, developed by Asian Christian Women to connect their Christian heritage to their cultural roots, was taught to Trista by her spiritual mentor in college. After two years of practicing with her mentor, Trista became an instructor of this practice and has been leading groups in churches and spiritual retreats for over a decade.

Shibashi Body Prayer will be offered weekly during the month of January via the Facebook Live platform. Join us Thursday morning at 10 AM on our Facebook page. This can also be viewed at any time on our Facebook page after the video is created.

Shibashi is a form of body prayer with movements that have their roots in the eastern art of Tai Chi. There are 18 gentle movements, each one with a Scripture verse and a Christian centering thought associated with it. Shibashi can be adapted to fit any body type or ability level. Our body prayer is guided by an experienced leader who moves slowly and makes sure each person is able to follow in the ways that suits their body the best.

We pray with our whole bodies, incorporating spiritual movement and breathing together.

Beginning by bowing, acknowledging one another and acknowledging the Beloved in our midst, we center our hearts and minds on Christ. Then we move our arms up in the air and draw a rainbow as though our hands were paintbrushes, remembering the God of promise and restoration. Later we draw our arms into our heart and then spread them wide, “opening our heart on the mountain” as we breathe in deeply and open ourselves up to whatever the loving God might wish to speak to us in our time together.

Our movements continue, filled with a focus on our breathing and our bodies as we connect with the Beloved and with each other until we say our amens.

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