Sunday Worship & Education Schedule

  9:00 am Celebration Service

10:00 am Spiritual Formation Time for Adults, Children's Choir for Children

11:00 am Spirited Traditional Service

Since no single style of worship meets everyone's needs, we offer two distinct celebrations.  Sunday morning begins with a common theme between two services. The first is a relaxed praise style service and the second offers traditional worship structure.

Bishop Will Willimon offers us some important advice about worship: Praise is the applause of the church. It is our experience of ourselves at our best, our most fitting response to the presence of God in our lives. Let's be honest. Some Sundays we feel like praise and some Sundays we don't. Some Sundays we feel very close to God and very grateful for God's gifts to us and some Sundays . . . we would rather be back home sleeping late. That's the way we are. And that's all right. But because that is the way we are, we humans need times when we put ourselves in the right place at the right time in order to do what we truly want to do and be whom we truly want to be.