GUMC Sunday School

Children's Class (room 109 from 10:00-10:45am)

  • Current Curriculum: Manna and Mercy
    • From Diane O'Malley, children's Sunday School Leader: "In Sunday school we are "teaching" the Bible stories through the lens of unfailing love of God and Jesus Christ, Manna (our daily bread) and Mercy (forgiveness of sins) with some historical context and practical application for today's living."

Adult Class (10:00-10:45 am in Room 107)

  • 1st Sunday: Hot Topic
  • 2nd Sunday: Social Media and Pop Culture
  • 3rd Sunday: Theological Study
  • 4th Sunday: Congregations Choice
  • 5th Sunday: Alternative Worship Practices

Gresham UMC is currently working on new Sunday School programming which offers a "course style" approach. New subject material every 1 to 2 months is being made avaliable. We are looking for program coordinators to oversee the various classes and ensure programming is in place every month throughout the year. Individuals who wish to teach courses should write a proposal for the course which demonstrates how the course will utilize scripture, tradition, reason and human experience to accomplish realistic learning objectives. These proposals will be reviewed by Rev. Dr. Steve Lewis for ultimate approval.