We are people committed to growing in a life of love with the Spirit of Christ as our guide and strength. In our Church the focus is not on doctrine but on discipleship (following Jesus). Therefore, we are not afraid to disagree or ask questions.

We have a rich tradition of working for issues related to justice, peace, and concern for the earth. We believe that faith in Christ should make a difference in the world.

As United Methodists we are part of a world-wide church. We have connections for reaching out in all parts of the world and we grow in our faith as we learn from each other.

The People of The United Methodist Church:

  • Understand faith using Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience,
  • Help people in their community,
  • Accept you for who you are,
  • Offer a place to belong,
  • Care for and support each other,
  • Show respect for other faith expressions,
  • Support people facing difficulty,
  • Welcome diverse opinions and beliefs,
  • Guide others to find deeper meaning,
  • Invite everyone to participate in the life of congregation regardless of "labels."