About Gresham United Methodist

As a spiritual community we invite everyone to explore faith and the hard questions of life. "How is God present?" is a driving question at Gresham UMC.  As life unfolds with its struggles and blessings, we journey together to discover how the Spirit of God can transform us.

We are rooted in the Christian tradition with all its beauty and dis-functionality.  We are not without flaws, but we are determined to show the love of God and the grace of Jesus. We celebrate the ancient and future as the Spirit leads us.

At Gresham UMC everyone is welcome.  It seems odd to actually need to say that, but for many, the church has been a place of judgement and pain.  We welcome all who desire to explore faith and journey with God.  Young and old, those who have grown up in faith communities and those who have not are all welcome to join together and journey deeper into the familiar and mysterious as we live out Christ. 

If you would like more information, please contact our pastor, Dr. Steven Lewis.

steve@greshamumc.com    503-665-1192  Office  

Gresham UMC Year in Review 2018 from Gresham UMC on Vimeo.